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When people visit our farm, one comment that is very common at first glance is,  "I never knew this was here, it's absolutely beautiful".  I usually say, "It's our secret place in the world just for us to enjoy".  We have our Arabian horses, chickens, happy barn cats, boarding kennel and beloved poodles.  Although we have a number of things going on here all the time, we couldn't be happier.  My wonderful husband Tim, retired in 2017.  We work together at our home businesses now and enjoy showing our dogs and horses.  Our barn clients refer to our stable as the "Happy Barn".  That's the way we live.  Our family and animals are happy and as stress free as possible.


We have a small breeding program.  We focus on quality, not quantity.  Being well balanced, healthy and ready to face life with a wonderful loving family.  When puppies come into our lives, it is a big event.  Not an everyday routine.  We know each puppy that has been homed.  We stay in contact to see how they are growing and living.  We cry, laugh and cherish all the pictures we receive of our puppies in their new homes.  

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