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Chapel Hill Matilda's Lamour

Chapel Hill Matildas Lamour - DGRCH
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4/29/19      Blue/White Parti
Chapel Hill Minis Matilda ~
Regency Beau Brummel
23.5" /40 lbs
RCD4- Clear
rd/DB - Clear
v Wd - Clear
NEWS - Clear
DM - Clear
Cardiac - passed
Eye cerf - passed
Penn Hip - Right 0.37
                     Left 0.43
No evidence of OA in either hip.  Mild risk catagory


​​Diversity Testing:
OI .027/ AGR -0.05/ IR 0.10

Lamour (Mourie) has her Diamond Grand Champion status. She is officially a Diamond in June 2021.   She is currently #1 in the Top Ten Multi-Colored Standard Poodle Breed Standings in the Nation in 2021. She is also #2 in Gun Group standings in the Nation 2021 with UKC.  Lamour is the 3rd winning dog overall in UKC this year 2021  Lamour is a SPOT-ON dog as well.  She has qualified for her Precision Coursing Advanced title and are awaiting confirmation on that. 

Lamour Spot on Cert.jpg
Mo Mo


2 time Black Swamp Gun Dog Specialty Winner 2020, 2021

2021 Retreiver Specialty winner

UPA 2021 Premier Best of Breed winner

4 time Best of Show winner 2021

2 time Reserve Best in Show winner 2021

Best of the Best winner 2021

Spot-On Award winner
#1 UKC Multi-Colored Standard Poodle 2021
#2 UKC Gun Dog Group 2021
Premier Top 10 Invitational 2021, 2020
RACEN status with RACEA pending
#3 Multi-Colored Standard Poodle 2020
Mourie AKC Pedigree.JPG
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