Chapel Hill Matilda's Lamour

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4/29/19      Blue/White Parti
Chapel Hill Minis Matilda ~
Regency Beau Brummel
23.5" /40 lbs
RCD4- Clear
rd/DB - Clear
v Wd - Clear
NEWS - Clear
DM - Clear
Cardiac - passed
Eye cerf - passed
Penn Hip - Right 0.37
                     Left 0.43
No evidence of OA in either hip.  Mild risk catagory


​​Diversity Testing:
OI .029/ AGR -0.06/ IR 0.10

Lamour (Mourie) has her Sapphire Grand Champion status. She is unofficially a Diamond now.   She and is currently #1 in the Top Ten Multi-Colored Standard Poodle Breed Standings in the Nation. She is also #2 in Gun Group standings in the Nation with UKC.  We have not received her certificate and are still awaiting updates for her   She has qualified for her Precision Coursing Novice title.  We are awaiting confirmation on that as well

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