All of our puppies from the Cookie Litter have been placed in their new homes.  Keep watching for new upcoming litters in the future.  Thank you!




uch, spot Chapel hill mini's matilda

Both parents have been health tested.  Eyes, hips, elbows, cardic, NEWs, DM, VonWB, Diversity Testing  completed in  We are expecting  Blue/Black Partie, or Brown Partie.  Diversity rated "8" with an average OI @ .30 with below average inbreeding of -.04.  Looking for playful, engaging and athletic puppies.  Mother is 49.6 lbs. Sire is 43 lbs.  

Puppy Culture methods are followed for raising well balanced puppies.  Puppies will receive high quality nutrition and conservative vaccination protocols to start them out on a health life path.

We have puppies!!
9 parties

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please see our Policies and Fac's page.  You can fill out an application and get on the list for one of our beauties.  You can also contact us in person.   We would be happy to speak to you about being added to our list.

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