Chapel Hill Matilda's Tillson

Chapel Hill's Sire

Tillson is a fun loving boy.  He is sharp and ready to please.  He loves to hug and cuddle and has awesome fetching talents!

Interested in our boy for stud service?

Approved females only, which means, bitches must be AKC registered poodles, be a minimum of 2 years old, have an OFA CHIC number, (Preliminary or Pennhip accepted), as well as, their VGL Genetic Diversity panel completed. Bitches must have their  VGL panel ran to be considered.

Puppies produced by our boy must be STRICTLY SOLD with LIMITED AKC registration or a SPAY/NEUTER agreement.

He is only available to Standard Poodles, NO OTHER BREEDS.

A current brucellosis is required for live cover.

Tillson's OFA Page :

Tillson's Pedigree - Below


Tillson's Health Testing

CHIC #139150

Pennhip: Normal Ranges for Poodle (.51) No evidence of OA in either hip

OFA Hips:  Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes: Good

OFA Cardia: (Board Cert Cartiologist) Normal

VonWB Type 1 & Type 2: Clear

NEWS: Clear

DM: N/DM 1 copy of the DM mutation

UC Davis VGL: Completed on betterbred

Diversity Testing: IR .16/ OI .23/ GR .03, 1001/1002, 2001/2001


Color Testing by VNL - 2 dominant black (K locus) , 1 copy of (B/b) Brown

Height 24" Weight 57.8

Tillson is only 1 more jump away from receiving his USJ (Ultimate Senior Jumper)


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