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Puppy Purchasing Information:

Puppies are available to prescreened and approved homes only.  See our Puppy Application to get started with this process.  Puppies are available strictly on limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter agreement. 

Our puppies are raised in our home.  They are in our family room so they are close to all kinds of interaction and normal home noises and activities.  The puppies are handles daily and exposed to other dogs, children, strangers, sounds, new items, obstacles and challenges to keep them interested and interacting.  They are raised using Puppy Culture protocol and have been daily since birth. Our kennel uses Puppy Culture Protocol to its fullest up until they are homed.  We encourage our puppy parents to continue with the program and we are available for advice if needed.   The puppies will be pee pad trained as soon as they can move off their bed and travel on their own.  They will be exposed to a potty tray with paper pellets next a little farther from their bed.  When the are bigger they will have a pine shaving area to potty in.  As soon as they are big enough they will have outside time with potty training focus.  We will begin crate training mildly at 7 weeks and increase door closing etc as they are ready.  Pups will be groomed including clipping toenails at about 4-5 days, bath, dryers and clipping when they are old enough. Faces, feet and tail base, weekly.  This will be a part of their lives and need to be maintained for life. 

Parents have been genetically health tested.  We will offer a health guarantee to cover those genetic diseases that can be tested for as recommended for the breed type.   

Our puppies that are sold as pets with be with a AKC limited registration, which means the buyer does not have breeding rights and agrees to have their puppy spayed or neutered by adult age (2).  The cost of pet puppy is $2,500.00.  A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required to be placed on our list.  That fee is put toward the final cost of the puppy.  Shipping fees are not included in that price.

The deposit can be made by Square invoice and final payment is cash or check that has cleared before shipment.  Buyers are required to come to our home to pick up their puppy by car or beside you or a pet nanny as a carry-on when traveling by airplane at buyers expense.  We have other shipping options that might also be considered and the prices for each below.

Ground transportation where we meet part way or the entire distance:  We reserve the option of not delivering as well.

     Trips under two hours (round trip) are no cost to the new family.

     6-8 hour round trips run $150 - $200

     9-12 hour round trips run $250 - $350

     13 hour round trip $400 and up

     *prices are subject to change

If ground transportation is not an option, you can either fly to the Detroit Airport or Toledo Airport were we can meet and hand off the puppy for you to take back home as a carry-on.  In some cases we may be able to fly with the puppy to Your local airport for pick-up.  You are responsible for the cost of the carrier (typically $100).  Cost of carry-on (typically $80-$100 fee) and the cost of the plane tickets.  You may also utilize a flight nanny. Prices may vary.

Breeding Rights - will only be to approved breeders.  Our puppies are not available to breeders who partake in mixed breeding, large scale breeding facilities, puppy mills, pet stores.

Puppies come with the following:

    Prepaid AKC Limited Registration

    Goodie bag of food, toy, treats and small blanket (with Mama and sibling smell)

    Contract with 3 year health guarantee. (health guarantee covers Hips, Eyes, Cardiac & Thyroid)

    Lifetime breeder support.


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