Chapel Hill Mini's Matilda


Delicate Title

Tilly's OFA Page  

Tilly's Pedigree


Tilly's Health Testing

CHIC #135676

OFA Hips:  Preliminary Good

OFA Elbows: Preliminary Normal

OFA Eyes: Good

OFA Cardic: (Board Cert Cartiologist) Normal

VonWB Type 1 & Type 2: Clear

NEWS: Clear

DM: Clear

UC Davis VGL: Completed on

Diversity Testing: IR .04/ OI .21/ GR .03, 1001/1002, 2001/2001

Vetnotistic Lab Color Testing: 

Has no gene responsible for red/yellow coat color (E/E)

Has no gene responsible for Fawn/Sable. Tan Points/Tricolor (at/at)

Has one copy of the gene responsible for dominant black (carries

A locus colors or Brindle)

Has one copy of b. Brown carrier


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